Week 4: Energy Conservation – Compute Your Carbon Footprint

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The objectives for the last few weeks have been about attempting to assess and reduce your home’s energy needs.  Prior to implementing any other energy saving strategies, I would like us all to take a step back and assess our overall carbon footprints based on home energy use, transportation preferences, and waste.  This can be done using a free tool provided by the EPA called the Carbon Footprint Calculator:


The first tab of the Carbon Footprint Calculator allows you to enter information related to the usage of natural gas, propane, electricity, and fuel oil in your home.  It also allows you to estimate the reduction in your carbon footprint and bill through the implementation of various energy-saving activities related to:

1)  heating and cooling 2)  lighting 3)  power sources and settings 4)  washing and drying clothes 5)  using various Energy Star products

The second tab allow you to enter information concerning the number of vehicles you own, maintenance activity, average miles driven, and gas mileage.  You can see the extant to which altering any of these activities saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.  Finally, the third tab allows you to estimate reduction in carbon emissions due to recycling various types of materials.

The objective for this week is to fill out the information requested in each of the three tabs and create a household carbon footprint report.  The Carbon Footprint Calculator can be found at https://www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator/.  Once we have the report created we will use the next few weeks to implement some of the energy-saving activities suggested in order to see their overall impact on each of our individual carbon footprints.

Good luck everyone!

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