Week 5: COVID-19 Neighbor Assistance

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Due to the unprecedented events going on with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak, I would like to take a one-week break from our energy conservation agenda in support of caring for those who are the most vulnerable in our communities, especially those who are elderly and/or homebound.  

As such, the objective for this week is simple: take the time to call or visit (while keeping a 6-ft distance) one neighbor who is elderly or has a difficult time leaving their home for basic reasons such as getting groceries.  If you live in the Silver Spring, MD, area, please send me their name and address and I will make sure they receive a free meal.  The chef (Raynold) at the Cuban restaurant El Sapo in downtown Silver Spring has graciously volunteered to cook and deliver meals for the elderly and homebound in our community; he just needs to know names and address.  

If you live outside of the Silver Spring area, maybe there is a restaurant in your area doing a similar activity; otherwise, a few groceries or a simple homemade dish would go a long ways.  Regardless of the extent of the actions we take to prevent the spread of the virus, we all need to eat.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide your neighbor during this difficult time.  We will continue with more environmentally friendly tasks next Monday.

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