Week 16: Plastic Pollution – Straws

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While we are on the subject of plastic, we cannot forget the plastic straw.  Here is one take on this issue:

As part of the answer to the President’s comments, plastic straws are more of a concern because not only are they smaller than most other single-use plastic items, which causes them to fall through the filters and into the trash at recycling centers, but also because they are much more commonly used than other single-use products, such as plates and cups.  The issue of plastic straws was brought to the forefront by the 9-year-old girl in the following video, who does a much better job at explaining the issue than I could:

As we all begin to venture back out to restaurants and other venues where we may be tempted to buy a drink containing a plastic straw, the objective this week is to ask for “No straw, please.”  

Good Luck! 

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