Week 17: Sustainability – Being an Eco-Friendly Protester

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For Week 17 I wanted to focus more on current events.  As there have been a myriad of peaceful protests taking place during the last few weeks and due to the likelihood that there will be more throughout the next several weeks as well, I thought an appropriate objective for this week would be to not go against one worthy cause while participating in another worthy cause.  If you do participate in a peaceful protest, please take into consideration the following eco-friendly tips (refer to  zerowastewisdom.com/post/2017/01/22/10-way-to-be-an-eco-friendly-protester for more details on each tip):

1.  Take public transportation or carpool to the location of the protest. 2.  Reuse scavenged cardboard to create your sign. 3.  Use a reusable sign handle (examples include a broom handle or wooden stake) 4.  Use biodegradable tape. 5.  Refuse free handouts and flyers.  (I know this one is difficult, but a lot of paper is consumed during such events.) 6.  Avoid bottled water; bring a reusable water bottle. 7.  Bring protein snacks (e.g. nuts, trail mix) wrapped in a napkin or paper bag. 8.  Bring a reusable container from home for food purchased from food trucks; avoid the extra wrappings they use. 9.  Know the weather so as to avoid needing a free plastic poncho if it rains. 10.  Bring a paper bag for trash and pick up any trash you see along your route.  Leave the environment cleaner than when you arrived.

I hope this helps.  Good luck out there and stay safe!

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