Week 18: Composting – First Step

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An important topic related to waste reduction is composting.  Composting is something I have been wanting to do for a while now but just felt it was complicated to begin and never took the time to do the research required.  So for the next few weeks we will begin composting together through simple steps.

Step 1:  Select a compost container.  

There are several bins on the market, the main differences being size, whether it has a bottom or not, and whether it can be turned or spun.  A bottomless bin allows organisms from the underlying soil to enter your compost pile, which will speed up the process of turning dead leaves and your kitchen scraps into compost.  The disadvantage is that other larger critters can also enter, which can be fixed by adding some chicken wire to the bottom.  Compost piles also need to be turned often, which can be done with simple yard tools or by purchasing a spinnable bin. 

For the sake of simplicity, I went with the Geobin compost bin (see photo below), which is essentially a large sheet of plastic (made from recycled materials) that can be rolled into the shape of a cylinder for whatever size is desired and locked into place.  Advantages include the fact that the size of the bin can be easily adjusted for your needs, it has several holes for aeration, it is bottomless, and it does not cost as much as other fancier and spinnable bins.  

Your objective for this week is to purchase a compost bin suitable to your needs.

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