Tamim Younos (President)

Dr. Younos earned doctoral degrees in urban and environmental engineering from the University of Tokyo. His current research and educational interests include watershed science, water and energy nexus, and integrated natural and engineered systems for sustainable management of water resources in urban environments. Dr. Younos has led and/or participated in numerous interdisciplinary water research and educational projects and has authored/co-authored more than 150 publications and has edited six water science books: “Sustainable Water Management in Urban Environments” (Springer 2016), “Advances in Watershed Science and Assessment” (Springer 2015) “Potable Water: Emerging Global Problems and Solutions (Springer 2014), “Climate Change and Water Resources” (Springer, 2013); “Total Maximum Daily Load: Approaches & Challenges” (PennWell Books 2005), “Advances in Water Monitoring Research” (Water Resources Publications 2003). Dr. Younos is the author of numerous essays and newspaper opinion-educational articles that inform citizens on various aspects of water sciences. Dr. Younos has presented invited lectures in China, Japan, Thailand, Hungry, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

Dr. Younos’s recognitions include: American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Icko Iben Award (2017), Fulbright Award (2015); AWRA Fellow Member Award (2013); Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Society Honor Award (2012); President, Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) (20003), Friend of UCOWR Award (2003); and Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Award (2001). Dr. Younos is a former Research Professor of Water Resources and Interim Director of Virginia Water Resources Research Center at Virginia Tech. Dr. Younos is the founder of the Green Water-Infrastructure Academy.

Jason Giovannettone (Vice President)

Dr. Giovannettone’s primary areas of interest and expertise include climate change/variability, green infrastructure related to water resources management and flooding, and environmental sustainability, especially as it relates to disadvantaged populations.  He has a MS degree in atmospheric science from Purdue and a PhD in water resources engineering from the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Giovannettone has held positions at Duke University in hydrometeorology and at the US Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources in the areas of climate change adaptation and hydraulic engineering.  He currently holds the position of senior engineer at a private consulting firm named Dewberry, where he is involved in projects related to mapping flood susceptibility.  Dr. Giovannettone also currently serves as chair of the ASCE Task committee on Future Weather and Climate Extremes, where he is a leading author for the committee’s recently completed book on the prioritization of climate change adaptation efforts for critical infrastructure.

Alaina Armel (Treasurer)

Ms. Armel is a multidisciplinary civil and environmental engineering professional specializing in water resources management. She has worked on an array of corrective action, watershed management, and stormwater permitting and planning projects for military, government, and private sector clients. As task manager and lead client liason for water and environmental services projects, she provides leadership in the areas of TMDLs, water resources, and water quality design. Ms. Armel applies expertise in federal and state regulations to ensure compliance with the Chesapeake Bay TMDL and Virginia Small MS4 General Permit through the recommendation of structural and non-structural best management practice technologies that primarily result in reductions in nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment loads.

Tammy Parece (Secretary)

Tammy Parece has a Ph.D. in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis and a Master’s of Science in Geography. Her dissertation research involved improving urban sustainability and food security through implementation of urban agriculture. Her interests include Workforce Development and K-12 STEM education in Geospatial Technologies.   She will assume the Instructor of Geography position at Colorado Mesa University in August of 2016.

Alexandra Urrutia (Director of Development)

Alexandra Urrutia is the President and CEO of Social Seen LLC, digital marketing company in Blacksburg, VA. She obtained her marketing management degree from Virginia Tech. She was named “Most Consistent Seller” in her office with AT&T Advertising Solutions and consistently obtained rank in the top 10% of Media Consultants’ sales performances nationwide while with AT&T. In the past 7 years she has launched several start-up companies including GoTattless all-natural tattoo removal and GiftCaddies social gifting app. She is currently growing her digital marketing company and working to launch an added safety feature for automobiles that reduce rear-end collisions by improving reaction time.