#67: Sealcoating Your Driveway

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A few weeks ago, the HOA for our town house complex announced that all public parking areas and driveways, in addition to the private driveways of those homeowners who were interested, would be sealcoated. The company that performed the sealcoat … Read More

Bottled Water: Panacea or Plague?

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by Dr. Tamim Younos Early civilizations used various types of vessels, made from animal skin or clay, to carry water from its source for consumption in royal palaces, peasant households and war zones. At present, the synonym “bottled water” refers … Read More

Earthworms: The Original Green Architects

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by Dr. Tamim Younos* Charles Darwin studied earthworms for 40 years. In his final book, The Formation of Vegetable Mould, Through the Action of Worms (1881), L. Sambourne’s satiric portrait of Darwin published in Punch, 1881, Darwin concluded, “It may be … Read More

Native Plants: Ragweed & Thistle

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During a recent long road trip to South Dakota, I had my share of exposure to two of my favorite (sarcastic) plants: ragweed and thistle. As I mentioned last month, both of these plants are members of the Asteraceae family. … Read More

Summer Celebrations (by Keara Moore)

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I spent Independence Day hanging out on Gravelly Point in Arlington, Virginia. Grills were fired up in the background, cheerful people played volleyball, airplanes swooped down overhead, and the river was full of boats – yachts, tour cruises, jet boats, … Read More

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